"Yeah she is but who in the living hell are you?" he said looking the boy up and down raising his eyebrow.  "you must be her boyfriend?"


          Cedric chuckled at the boy’s assumption and answered, “not quite. But these are for her—” He showed him the flowers and explained, “it’s a ‘thank you’ gift.”


"Quite sure," Alexei assured both himself and the girl. "I can’t use a butter knife properly, I definitely couldn’t murder someone," he added, wishing he was joking-the man could be quite clumsy. "I don’t even know who that person is, and who would kill a stranger?"

          Piper backed away, somewhat convinced by his excuse. “Okay,” she said, heading towards the window to check on the body. What she saw delighted her to an extreme.

          “Oh, look!” She gestured him to come closer to the windows as well. “Look, he’s getting up!” She meant the body, of course. “He’s not dead after all,” she announced happily.


Alexei emerged from the bathroom minutes later, his forehead sweaty and his teeth glistening thanks to the effort of brushing them multiple times to get that taste away. “Called them?” he asked though he could guess the answer, due to hearing the approach of cars down the street. “Didn’t think I’d be entertaining this early,” he murmured, looking down at his pyjama shorts and raggy old t-shirt.

          Piper too could hear the sirens approaching from a distance. “Yes,” she answered, “they’re going to ask you a lot of questions, I’m sure.” Before the cops arrived on his doorstep, Piper leaned her face closer to his and asked in all seriousness, “are you sure you didn’t kill that man?”

          “Oh, hi—” He was expecting another person to answer the door. He nervously looked down on the bouquet he was holding and asked, “is your sister at home?”

friendly neighbor | open



Alexei watched and listened to the lively woman speak at him, his lips slightly apart as he tried to accept all this. “There’s a corpse in my front yard,” he murmured, the realisation eventually hitting him. “Oh god! There’s a corpse in my front yard!” he repeated, this time much louder. “Come in, come in, you call, i don’t know, the police, while I throw up!” he exclaimed at the woman, turning around to head to his bathroom.’”

          “Interesting,” she remarked, watching him make a dash for the bathroom. His reaction shamelessly piqued her interest and it struck her as funny. She’s seen dozens of dead bodies to have the same reaction as him.

          “Oh, right, phone call—” She stepped inside his house and searched for his phone. She saw it on the coffee table then took it to dial 911.

          “Hi, I’d like to report a dead body on my neighbor’s lawn—- Well, we’re not actually sure it’s dead. I didn’t want to touch it—- Yes, I’m inside my neighbor’s house. He’s puking in the bathroom— Is he the killer? I don’t think so—-“ This casual report went on until Piper gave the address of his house. The authorities should arrive any moment now.

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friendly neighbor | open


Morning wasn’t Alexei’s favourite time of the day so he was less than pleased when the doorbell rang and answered it, still half asleep, only to see a female speaking about a dead body. “Wait, what?” he asked blearily then looked beyond her.image “What the fuck,” he muttered and frowned. “I don’t know who that is,”

          Piper scanned the person for any sign of lying. He could be a killer, she’s not entirely sure, but the genuine look of confusion on his face did nothing to prove her right.

          “Oh… Well then, I think you should call the cops… or an ambulance, if he’s still alive.” She smiled at him. “Maybe both?”



         Though the obvious repel of his flexes once the food entered his mouth, Tami chose to ignore it. It was the first time she cooked a partly edible food and she’s quite proud of that achievement. 
                 ”I know you’re just saying that, but still—-I managed not to kill you. Last time I cooked something, my friend went straight to the emergency room for food poisoning so yeay! You survived.”


          “That’s nice to know,” he replied half-heartedly, trying to ignore the obvious discomfort in his stomach. He could almost taste the vomit making its way to his throat. If it continues, he’s going to have a trip to the bathroom or the kitchen sink pretty soon.

          “Mint,” he asked from her, “I need mint. Or anything to calm my stomach.”

friendly neighbor | open

          Piper rang their neighbor’s doorbell twice and waited for an answer. When someone came to answer the door, she greeted them with a friendly smile.

          “Hi. I don’t mean to alarm you, but I think there’s a dead person on your front yard.” She moved aside and glanced at the body lying on the grass. “I didn’t check for a pulse, though.”

          Those kinds of things didn’t really bother her.

          Tasting the food was probably Beck’s greatest mistake. Right off the bat his taste buds resented it and his gag reflex was triggered. To keep himself from spitting out the food, he swallowed it whole. He cleared his throat after downing a whole glass of water.

          “What do I think? Uh… Yeah, it was… good. It was— the food sends me straight to heaven.”

          It was the worst thing I’ve ever tasted in my life.